Montreal - 2013-03-13

R. J. Wild

Business proposal for MaNatto-1661 Herbal tea-blends.


To find a partnership with a business – (SALES & administrative quality) - to cost effectively begin the production & distribution

of MaNatto-1661 Herbal tea-blends.

I am presently “eligible” for a grant between 50 – 100,000$.

This eligibility expires on April 22nd 2013. I would have to wait then 12 months to be permitted to apply again.

(“I” & “personally” refers to myself as person, owner of intellectual property etc. - R. J. Wild.

“Product” refers to the MaNatto-1661 Herbal tea-blends)

Background & reason for partnership:

My strong points are the actual production and all technical aspect of the same.

Administrative, legal, government etc. are not my strong points.

The quality of the product, shelf-life assurance etc. now depend on proper production.

Thus the move “out from the kitchen” into a real production facility is vital.

My GOAL is to retain all intellectual property rights to the recipe.

To sell out ASAP and for a one time fee and an assured continuous Royalty. (Amount and % to be discussed).

My “Job” in the partnership is to refine, enhance and develop different blends of products.

Partnership principles:

To expedite ASAP, - April 22nd deadline – the proper business plan to obtain the desired grants.

The precise business plan principles are provided via template guidelines issued by the grant handler.

The have to be precise and professionally managed.

The technical sections of the Business plan I now inside out.

It is the legal and administrative aspect of the plan where I have serious problems with.

I look for an experienced partner on these aspects so that the application will not be rejected.

R. J. Wild - - 514-214-1197