Domestic’ multihome ‘economy’ (Greek ‘oikos’ = ‘home’ + ‘namein’ = ‘manage’ from ‘manus’ = ‘hand’ meaning ‘to care & nurture’) integrates, humanizes & empowers industrial & commercial economies through intergenerational, multi-disciplinary, both-sexes collaboration. In Participatory Companies invested-interest begets active-concern on the part of each individual & whole community collective-intelligence. Recirculation of dollars & energy means that domestic/industrial/commercial economy can double (earning & spending) working capital then recirculate it. Industrial/commercial only economies ‘leak’ money & resources out of communities so that although complementary resources exist no one is empowered to put these resources together. Compared with mainstream (eg. McDonalds & other big corporations) (Dollars-energy only circulates once), intentional communities can recirculate or multiply their dollars & human energy through investment & exchange over 33 times (eg. Mennonite communities).  Multihome (apartment & townhouse) communities recirculate over 50 times. Graphic, 

Towards a culture of peace & ecology,  (Four starting communities in red, St-Lazare, LaSalle-Mtl, Ile-des-Soeurs-Verdun, Rawdon)

  1. Aline Quevedo, Masters Mechanical Engineering, École de Technologie Superieure, mathematics, web-design, French, English, Spanish, Cote-des-neiges
  2. Claude Boucher, Piedmont, Quebec, Terra-Vie Ecological Community Development  web-developer Wordpress, Joomla, Microsoft SQL, French, English
  3. Dag Radicevic, Kadafar Holdings, Electrical Englneer, Developed / transferred Infra-red technology from military to non-invasive medical diagnostics since 45 years. Bio-dynamic Perma-culturalist, Food Producers' Co-op St-Lazare, Quebec, English, French, Serbian etc
  4. Douglas Jack, Coordinator, Google sites, translate, chrome, some Drupal (Koumbit), some Geographic Information System GIS mapping (coordinated Éco-Montreal Tiohtiake & Tsi Tetsionitiotiakon Sustainability Rooted in Heritage mapping of Mohawk placenames), Computerized Accounting. 514-365-9594, LaSalle-Montreal, H8R 1X9, French, English,
  5. Emile Segev, Doctorate en mathématique, professeur UQAM Technologie et Sciences Informatique.  WEBUS   Spécialiste en Analyse, Conception et Réalisation de site web Transactionnels, et des systèmes informatiques interactifs sur Bases de Données.
  6. Joseph Daddario, Short-Hand Logic, Hartford, Connecticut web-designer developed a Wordpress based first-run software for the HRCatalogue in early 2012.  CASE Partners IT Solutions  Is willing to contribute to a larger team based effort upon specific tasks.'addario  
  7. Lawrence Levin, Executive Producer Vision-Media Communications, Ste-Agathe, Multi-media producer including Radio, Corporate & TV for 35 years including CHOM FM, CFQR FM, CBC, TSN, ABC, CBS.  Inside Edition- New York & Los Angelos offices, Film Director, web-site developer with multi-media, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts,    Photographer, Musician, Singer, Film-Artist, committed ecologist who's Diet for All Reasons work filming & illustrating the work of Dr. Michael Klapper decades ago helped shape the Vegetarian movement into the foremost contributor to a balanced ecology.  On-line free viewing.
  8. Richard Noel, Verdun, Parti-vert, professionally handles Web-security-internet, Visa, Paypal,  French / English Senior Security Analyst at McKesson Canada, Security Operations Specialist at Secure Ops Inc., 51 – 200 employees, Computer & Network Security Industry June 2002 – Oct 2010 (6 years & 5 months, Network Operations Technician, Primus Canada, 501 – 1000 employees, MPUB.OB Telecommunications Industry 2000 – 02 (2 years).  CISSP ISC2 Licence 333336, GSEC GIAC License 02730, April 2013.
  9. Salifu Traore, Ile des sœurs, Verdun, Drupal, Web-design, Cote-d'ivoire, French, English etc.
  10. Serge Bellemare,  Au Rythme de l'île.  L'Île-des-Soeurs, Verdun, Développement Économie Communautaire, Écologie, Troc, OSBL, Art etc
  11. Wendy Gorchinsky  Jeu Exchange, Transitions Movement, Vermi-Composting, Humanure, Horticulture, Greenhouse Books, Etj Goetj, If-women-counted and other life-works from your home-base in Rawdon.  Our goal for this Neighbourhood Cataloguing & Accounting Software development Team is that you will represent and provide guidance to other team members on these kinds of personal, home, male-female, domestic fractals of our economy in the electronic forms we are developing in this software.

  12. Ron Eglash Associate Professor, Department of Science and Technology Studies, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Troy, NY  Ron is offering this project to graduate student involved in Geographic Information System GIS mapping as a mapping indexing of economic capacities in community.

Community-University Research Exchange


Emile Segev