Terry Hadden

Hadden, Terence Bryan


HADDEN, Terence Bryan. On August 2, 2007 at the age of sixty-seven, of cancer, at La Maison Mattieu-Froment-Savoie, Aylmer , Quebec . I cannot tell you if I died peacefully or in pain. If Sue Rodriquez had won her appeal to the Supreme Court in 1993, you could be assured, with all certainty, that I died peacefully and with dignity. Regarding my palliative care, others will tell you, on my behalf, that the medical and support staff of La Maison Mattieu-Froment-Savoie, who looked after me in my last days, are great people. If you are considering a memorial donation, it would appreciated if you sent it to them at: 55 rue Notre-Dame, Aylmer , QC , J9H 3C8 . Being a charitable organization, they could use your help. Thank you. Terry is survived by his loving wife of 46 years, June (nee Carson), siblings Ernie (Jeannine Cyr), Janice (Earl McFarland), Stan (Jan Miriguay), Michael and Linda (Robert Saunders) and foster sister Inez ( Moore ) Kadwell. Predeceased by his parents, Mabel and James and brothers David and Robert and sister Heather. Loved and always rememebered by the Carson family, many nieces, nephews (also great and great-great) and good friends. Memorial at a later date.


Published in the Montreal Gazette from 8/4/2007 - 8/5/2007 .


Service for Terry

Saturday AUG.25th at GORE CHURCH at 2 pm

Please use Mapquest to take you to PLAISANCE QC . 

At this point follow these directions:  
A) Continue on 148 west for 6 Km    B) Turn right on "MONTEE GORE" 
C) Continue on MONTEE GORE to the stop sign 
D) turn left to Saint-Sixte at one point you will reach a gravel road continue for 4 Km
At this point you should see the white GORE CHURCH .

If you have any problems call 1-613-808-2663.