Hassan Hamdan

Mehdi Amel

Marx Mroueh Mahdi
The Anis Makdisi Program in Literature, the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy,
the Mahdi Amel Cultural Center, and the Red Oak Club (The Mahdi Amel Series)
have the pleasure to invite you to a three-day conference under the title
"What does it mean to be a Marxist here and now?"

Philosophe assassi par un commando islamiste
dans la même mouvance qui a tué Georges Hawi et Samir Kassir (Sami Aoun)

Conference organized by "Mehdi Amel Cultural Center": Friday June 7, at 7.30pm, at UNESCO palace.
Participants: Charbel Nahas, Kamal Hamdan, Hanna Gharib Moderator: Michel Maaiki

Assassinat d'un Gramesci arabe

Projet :
Centre Culturel Mahdi Amel

Sabine Sidawi Hamdan




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