Letter from Lebanon
July 23, 2006


Some of you knew Lebanon or heard of it and other got to know it through my
very few stories about the greatness and uniqueness of this country.  Also
some of you experienced the true Lebanese culture and customs through the
contact with Lebanese friends.  This letter is just a point of view that is
prohibited to be displayed by western media.  I'll just describe it to you
very briefly, so you get to see the whole picture not just the highlights
that your governments want you to see.  Therefore I wish you to read on, and
forward it to others so they can judge for themselves on the war between
Lebanon and Israel after reading the other half of the story.

This war started with the kidnapping of two Israelis SOLDIERS.
What do you think caused such assault?  In Israel, there are thousands of
prisoners of war that have been tortured in Israelis dungeons for the past
20 and 25 years and over, with the knowledge of the United Nations' council
and the Red Cross, but no actions were taken to release those prisoners or
even apply the human rights rules in the Israelis dungeons.
What would your governments do in order to retrieve their POWs?  Don't they
have a rule in their armies that says "leave no one behind"?
That's exactly what Lebanese resistance force "Hizb Allah" was trying to do.
  They were trying to retrieve Lebanese POWs from the Israelis dungeons by
capturing Israeli soldiers and trading them for the Lebanese one's, like it
has been done before for many times where the Israeli POWs were returned
safe and unharmed to their homes.  But the Israeli's reaction came different
this time, where it started a war that was agreed to by most Western
Governments never minding the daily casualties of Lebanese civilians from
families, women and children on Lebanon.
Follow this link to see a sample of the
daily Israelis attacks and massacres over Lebanon.
Hizb Allah's attacks over Israeli civilians' areas came after 24 hours of
continuous air raids over Lebanese populated areas and buildings done by
Israeli excessive air strikes.  They say that Hizb Allah is a terrorist
organization, well if that was true then why did they intentionally avoid
hitting civilians (until provoked by massacres), and avoid hitting the
bio-chemical structures in Israel (which would've caused a disaster and a
great loss for Israelis)?
Hizb Allah is not a Terrorist organization it's a Lebanese resistance force
trying to protect its country from the injustice of the Middle Eastern Bully

Therefore the killings should be stopped and the war should be stopped, and
say NO to those who support it.  Like history has taught us "there are no
winners in a war".

NB:  for the twelfth day there have been hundreds of Lebanese civilian
casualties and over a thousand of injuries compared to 42 Israelis
casualties (half of them are military personnel's) and 150 injuries.  
Reading these stats, could you point out the logical "Terrorist" here?

No matter what you think or agree to after reading this mail, please forward
it to all your contacts to give them an idea of really what's going on the
Lebanese grounds..

Bassel "Bass" Mourjan
Beirut, Lebanon