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- New panorama images of Lebanon are listed:

Palace of the Pines, Interior- Beirut

National Museum 1 - National Museum 2 - National Museum 3 and Anthropoid Sarcophagi

The Church of Saint Elisha Amsheet
L'Eglise Saint Elysée Amchit

Jbeil Byblos in Christmas

The restaurant La Creperie and in French restaurant La Crêperie.

- Many new videos:

New video clip of Lebanon
Picnic under the pine trees in Deir el Harf, Matn
Laser show in Byblos harbor... The Citadel sea...
Douma old souk - Quick video inside Douma village
Beautiful walk inside the Garden of the Lord... The Cedars of Lebanon, Bsharri
Qasr es-Snowbar, Palace of the Pines Beirut - Palais des Pins Beyrouth
Hotel intercontinental Phoenicia Beirut and beautiful Ferrari cars
Jbeil Byblos less than 24 hours before electing the General Michel Aoun President of Lebanon
The mysterious Valley of Hell, Lebanon
Bungee Jumping in Lebanon by Tarek Sekkar - Kaslik Jounieh Extreme sport!
Quick presentation of Byblos Heaven on Earth!
Christmas period in Jbeil Byblos 2016 / 2017
Father Jean Jabbour beautiful voice from Heaven

- New articles:

Relations en matière de défense entre la France et le Liban
Problems of Lebanese Pupils
Church Mar Elichaa Amchit
Patriarch Youssef (Joseph) Tyan

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- New panorama posters and new wallpapers.

- New restaurants listed
Ashrafieh - Bikfaya - Beirut Downtown - Beirut suburbs - Jbeil Byblos - Zahleh, Aanjar - Saida - Jounieh - Tripoli

- New hostels and guesthouse in Douma, Bishare and the Bekaa

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New book, calendars, stamps and souvenirs from Lebanon:

Lebanon Calendar 2017
Maguy Farah 2017
Carmen Chammas 2017
Riad Hallak - Book
Old time of Jounieh - Book
Mike Awwad postcards - Booklet
Liban sur mer - Book
Personalities of Independence - Stamps
Gibran Kahil Bust - Sculpture (Soon)

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New artworks in our section: Small dimension masterpiece and a new work Maaloula

New articles:

Nice, Lumière de la Méditerranée
Père Jacques - le Martyre de Rouvray
A Monsieur le Maire et les Membres de son Conseil
Père Jacques, Martyr of Rouvray
Nice, Pearl of the Midland Sea
The Famous Family Nakhleh of Byblos

Presentation, Youtube and press articles:

Slide Presentation
Artist painter and poet Joseph Matar Art Exhibition
Joseph Matar interview OTV
Future TV interview
Gallery Exode - Joseph MATAR exhibition
Tele Liban
Aliwaa newspaper
L'Orient le Jour

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New artworks listed:

Fadi Barrage
Georges Cyr
Haroutioun Torossian
Mounir Najem
Marie Hadad
Paul Guiragossian

New video:

Artist painter Victor Haddad - Casino du Liban - Liban Terre de Phénicie - Terre de Cultures et de Civilisations
32nd Salon d'Automne in Sursock Museum – Beirut 2016

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