Red Fish

Remembering the Red Fish Awards

Thank you, Bob, for your humour and well-meaning attempts to make people feel included

in our dysfunctional ... I mean distinguished ... LCCHS family.







Grace Abbatiello

High Heeled Sneakers Award


For always looking up to the person with whom she`s speaking.

Noble Edwards

Tide Award

For the cleanest, crispest and best looking shirts on staff

Roman Kostyk

Door prize

The door to the girls’ washroom

Konrad Muncs

Key to the Quebec National Assembly

For night-time use of the TV video equipment

Konrad Muncs

Konrad Muncs Film Institute Award

For most frequent trips to the NFB office.

Sonia Stante

Female athlete of the year Award

For unknown athleticism

Sonia Stante

NASA Space Shuttle Award

For the most successful bake sales to finance the first female astronaut

Sonia Stante

Roller Hockey Trophy

For encouraging students to played roller hockey for the “ Stante Cup”

Michèle Tougas

Wrong Way Walsh Award

For an enthusiastic breakaway during one of our male vs. Female staff hockey games. I played left wing. The only problem was that, in my excitement, I was heading for my own net! It probably would have been less humiliating had I actually scored the goal. For several years afterwards I was often addressed as Wrong Way.

Michèle Tougas

Specialty golf balls

For my feeble attempts, but ultimate failure, at the game of golf. They were inscribed with a cute saying which, alas, I can no longer remember.

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