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Red Fish

Red Fish

Retirees’ Lunch Report

Sadly, for the first time since he initiated the twice-yearly LCCHS Retirees’ Lunch a number of years ago, our good friend Bob Chartrand was not physically present  when a group of his former colleagues gathered once again at the Casa Grecque Restaurant, in LaSalle, on Monday, November 14th, 2016.

He was, however, most certainly among us in spirit, as witnessed by the abundance of stories and reminiscences of Bob that were shared at the event.

Carl McQuaid got things going by reminding us what a force Bob was at the school and how he carried this over by bringing us together on a regular basis since his retirement.

Luc Boudreau took over, first by informing us that within a week of Bob’s accident his LCCHS hockey mates gathered in his honour at the Capri Restaurant, in Pte. St. Charles. At their first game, a few weeks later, they lined up at centre ice to observe a moment of silence and remembrance.

Luc then talked about Bob’s penchant for making us laugh. He did this through his sporadic, and usually satirical, “Red Fish” columns posted in the staff room, and his witty annual presentation of the “ Red Fish Awards” .

What followed was an outpouring of the stories and the pranks, too numerous to enumerate here, that Bob treated us to over many years. Francine Laberge told us that when she thinks of Bob she cannot get out of her mind the image of him parading around the school one Halloween beating a drum dressed as the Energizer Bunny.

The suggestion was made, and unanimously accepted, that the room we use at the restaurant be named “the Red Fish Diner”. Don’t be surprised if some sort of plaque appears, for at least temporary display when we are ‘in the building!’  

In the spirit of keeping Bob’s memory alive, Roman Kostyk handed out a flyer prepared by Konrad Muncs inviting us to contribute to a ‘Bob Anthology.’

Bob, you are missed, and definitely not forgotten!

Al Fitzgerald - November 2016


Bob’s funeral, a solemn affair, took place at Saint John Brébeuf Church, down the street from LCCHS. 
It was filled with his family, friends and fellow retirees.

In the hall, afterwards, the crowd of mourners could not help but remember the good times we all had with Bob. 
His brothers, Ray and Tony recounted events from Bob’s life that made us more aware of the mensch he was. 
His many adventures experienced from the age of four until now showed that he was also a dare-devil,
even though he may not have been seeking to become a stuntman. 
It was a gentle roasting, as we laughed remembering funny anecdotes from his life.

Bob always knew how to make us laugh at ourselves. 
Many of us chuckled as we recalled the Red Fish Awards in the LCCHS auditorium. 
I remember 1982, when I was awarded The Key to the Quebec National Assembly for night-time use of the T.V. video equipment.
Who would have known that later I would be working at the Ministry of Education, in the Religion department? 
Roman reminisced about his first year at LCCHS, when he won the Door Prize, the actual door to the girls’ washroom.
What a way to make him feel welcome as part of the staff! 
Did Grace forget that she took away the High Heeled Sneakers Award one year? 
Among her awards, Sonia received the coveted Stante Cup for “Roller Hockey”.
Noble Edwards walked away with the Tide Award, for the cleanest, crispest and best looking shirts on staff.
What about other retirees?

Who among you can think of the Red Fish Awards that you received over the years? 
If you would share your experiences,
we could compile a list, some pictures and post it for everyone. 

I don’t think Red Fish kept any records; maybe he did.
I think it would be a fine project to create in Bob’s memory.


Konrad Muncs