Walking for the fun of it and for the fitness

Par Toula Foscolos
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Article mis en ligne le 1er novembre 2006

Marchons dans l’Ile” club means you never have to walk alone again


Walking for the fun of it and for the fitness

We see them everywhere on the Island . Leisurely walkers, strolling around at a slow pace. Speedwalkers, furiously maintaining a rhythm, despite the distractions. Walkers with strollers and walkers with dogs. Recently, the creation of the “Marchons dans l’Ile” walking club ensures that anyone in the mood for a walk, will never have to go at it alone.

Formed by longtime Island resident, Lise Couture, who was a physical educator and well aware of the physical and psychological benefits of regular walking, “Marchons dans l’Ile” groups together people from all walks of life and all ages.

“We really just get together and walk for the pleasure of it and for the health benefits,” explains Ms. Couture. “Our aim is just as much social, as it is fitness oriented. No one is left behind; we aim to walk together and respect the rhythm of participants. If you want to slow down and chit chat while walking, you’re welcome to, just as long as you’re paired up with someone.”

People need a meeting point

As Lise Couture explains it, most people already enjoy walking on their own, but if something is organized for them and they know that, at a specific time and place, a group meets to walk together, it makes it easier for them to plan it. During this past summer, the group met every Monday evening, at the Elgar Centre, for a walk that usually lasted approximately an hour.

That time has now been moved to Tuesday evening, at 6:45 p.m. There are also plans to instigate an early riser group walk, with club member Serge Bellemare, for those who enjoy some exercise and some fresh air before they head off to work.

Volunteers needed

”We’re looking for more volunteers, so we can start walking at different days and times of the week,” says Ms. Couture. “Those interested in adding some day and night walks or week and weekend walks, can simply contact us.”

The walking club follows no specific itinerary and trajectory, preferring to opt for spur-of-the-moment decisions, based on the weather conditions at that particular day. The meeting point is always the Elgar Centre (260 Elgar).

Those interested in joining or simply obtaining more information, can call Gisèle at 761-6256, or Serge at 514-766-9616 , or email them at: www.marchons-ids@hotmail.com. There is no registration or fee required and you don’t have to be an Island resident to join. If you simply work on the Island , you are also welcome.

“You see people walking all alone, all the time,” concludes Ms. Couture. “Why not walk together and make new friends, while creating a sense of community bonding?”